Excretory Products and their elimination

1. Main function of uriniferous tubules

a) Concentration of urine

b) Passage of urine

c) Reabsorption of useful substances from glomerular filtrate

d) Removal of urea and other waste from blood

2. The mechnism of urine foundation nephrone involves

a) Utrafication

b) Secretion

c) Reabsorption

d) All of above

3. Which hormone induced the process of reabsorption from glomerouous?


b) Vasopression

c) Relkgin

d) Calsitonin

4. Glucose is reabsorbed from glomerular filterate though

a) Active transport

b) Passive transport

c) Osmosis

d) Difusion

5. Excretory product of birds and raptiles is


b) Uric acid

c) Ammonia

d) Creatinin

6. Part not belonging to urinferous tubule is

a) Glomerules

b) Henle’s loop

c) Distalconvoluted tuble

d) Connecting tubule

7. The two kidneys lie:

a) At the level of ovaries

b) At the same level

c) Left kidneyat a higher level than the right one

d) Right kidneyat a higher level than the left one

8. Which blood vessel takes blood awayfrom kidney?

a) Renalportal vein

b) Renalvein

c) Afferent arteiote

d) Efferent artribute

9. Which hormone influence the activity of kidney?

a) Vasopression

b) Thyoxine

c) Vasopression & aldosterone

d) Gonadotrophin

10. If liver frombody is removed then which component of blood increases

a) Ammonia

b) Protein

c) urea

d) Uric acid


1 a
2 b
3 b
4 d
5 a
6 d
7 b
8 a
9 b
10 a

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