Locomotion and Movements

1. ATPase of the muscle is located on

A. Actin

B. Myosin

C. Troponin

D. Sarcoplasm

2. Knee & Elbow joints are example of

A. Saddle joint

B. Ball and socket joint

C. Pivot joint

D. Hinge joint

3. Synovial joints are

A. Pivot

B. Hinge

C. Ball & socket

D. All of these

4. Number of true ribs is

A. 7

B. 3

C. 9

D. 2

5. Which of the following is true statement?

A. Humerus articulates with Acetabulum of Pelvic girdle

B. Humerus articulates with Glenoid cavity of Pelvic girdle

C. Humerus articulates with Glenoid cavity of Pectoral girdle

D. Humerus articulates with Acetabulum of Pectoral girdle

6. Find out the correct match.

A. Muscular dystrophy is age related shortening of muscle

B. Osteoporosis is due to reduction in bone mass

C. Gout – auto immune disorder which inhibits sliding of myosin filament

D. Myasthenia Gravis – Inflammation due to extra deposition of uric acid

7. Locomotion in lower organisms is

A. by pseudopodia

B. by cilia & flagella

C. by tentacles

D. All of the above

8. Skeletal muscle fibre is

A. Multi nucleated

B. uni nucleated

C. bi nucleated

D. anucleated

9. Which muscle is adapted to be highly resistant to fatigue ?

A. Cardiac

B. Striped

C. Unstriped

D. Voluntary

10. Which one of the following membranes secrete a watery fluid that lubricates and cushions the joint?

A. Tendons

B. Synovial membrane

C. Ligaments

D. Cartilage

11. Which of the following items gives its correct total no. ?

A. Cervical vertebrae in humans -8

B. Floating ribs in humans -4

C. Amino acids found in proteins -16

D. Types of diabetes- 3

12. Which of the following is an example of an imperfect joint?

A. Elbow joint

B. Pubic joint

C. Suture

D. Ball and socket joint

13. Which of the following is a sesamoid bone?

A. Pectoral girdle

B. Pterygoid

C. Pelvis

D. Patella

14. Which of the following is the only movable position of the skull?

A. Maxilla

B. Mandible

C. Frontal bone

D. Zygomatic bone

15. Which of these is contractile protein of a muscle?

A. Tubulin

B. Tropomyosin

C. Mysosin

D. All of these

16. The expanded portions of the _________ are Calcium storage sites.

A. Sarcoplasmic reticulum

B. Sarcoplasm

C. Neuromuscular junctions

D. Myofibrils

17. Which of the following muscles draw the lower jaw, tongue and the head backward?

A. Abductor

B. Retractor

C. Proctor

D. All of these

18. Which of the following is striped muscle but not voluntary?

A. Wrist muscle

B. Shank

C. Cardiac muscle

D. Abdominal

19. Which one of the following is correct pairing of body part and the kind of muscle tissue that moves it?

A. Iris- involuntary smooth muscle

B. Heart wall- involuntary unstriated muscle

C. Biceps of upper arm- smooth muscle fibres

D. Abdominal wall- smooth muscle

20. Which of the following bones make up the structure of the palm?

A. Metacarpal

B. Tarsal

C. Carpal

D. Phalanges

21. The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and nose tip are

A. Ligament

B. Areolar tissue

C. Bone

D. Cartilage

22. The two protein molecules closely associated with actin filaments are

A. Actin and Myosin

B. Actin & Tropomyosin

C. Troponin & Tropomyosin

D. Tubulin & Tropomyosin

23. Cells and their functions are matched below, which is the correct option?

A. Osteoblast- bone forming cells

B. Osteoclasts- bone absorbing cells

C. Osteoblasts- cartilage forming cells

D. both a & b are correct

24. Thoracic cage of man is formed of

A. Ribs, sternum and thoracic vertebrae

B. Ribs and thoracic vertebrae

C. Ribs, sternum and lumbar vertebrae

D. Ribs and sternum

25. Which one of the following statement is true about spongy bone?

A. Unorganised appearance

B. Lighter than compact bone

C. Surrounds the bone marrow cavity

D. All of these are correct

26. The type of muscles present in our

A. thigh are striated and voluntary

B. upper arm are smooth fibres fusiform in shape

C. heart are involuntary and unstriated smooth muscles

D. intestine are striated and involuntary

27. Motor neurons electrically stimulate nearby muscle fibres at __

A. Creative phosphate

B. Actin filament

B. Neuromuscular junction

D. Cross- bridges

28. Chemical ions responsible for muscle contractions are

A. Na+ and Ca2+

B. Na+ and K+

C. Ca2+ and K+

D. Ca2+ and Mg2+

29. Assertion: Knee joint is the hinge type of joint

Reason: Femur, Patella and Fibula are associated with knee joint.

A. Assertion and reason, both are correct and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

B. Assertion and reason, both are correct. But reason is not correct explanation of assertion.

C. Assertion is correct, but reason is wrong.

D. Assertion is wrong but reason is correct.

30. In hurdle race, what is the major energy source of the leg muscle?

A. Preformed ATP

B. Glycosis

C. Pyruvate & lactate

D. Oxidative metabolism

31. Which one of the followings stands incorrect regarding skeletal muscles?

A. Responsible for voluntary movement

B. Contract and expand slowly

C. Cell fibres have multiple nuclei

D. Stimulated by central nervous system

32. Which kind of joint (sutures of the cranium) is essentially immovable?

A. Cartilaginous joint

B. Fibrous joint

C. Hinge joint

D. Ball and socket joint

33. Which of the following is a wrist bone?

A. Pubis

B. Ulna

C. Carpal

D. Femur

34. Which is the largest synovial joint of the human body?

A. Knee joint

B. Shoulder joint

C. Elbow joint

D. Hip joint

35. Ilium, ischium and pubis join at the ________ to form coxal bone.

A. Acetabulum

B. Ilium

C. Sternum

D. Glenoid cavity

36. When bone becomes hard, the osteocytes are trapped in hollow chambers called

A. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts

B. Red bone marrow

C. Cartilage

D. Lacunae

37. Voluntary muscular coordination is under control of

A. Cerebellum

B. Cerebral hemisphere

C. Cerebrum

D. Medulla oblongata

38. Vertebral column extends from the skull to

A. Pectoral girdle

B. Pelvis

C. Frontal bone

D. Phalanges

39. Which molecule provides ATP during muscular contraction?

A. Creative phosphate

B. Hemoglobin

C. Myoglobin

D. Myosin

40. In a new born baby, the flat bones in its skull are separated by large spaces filled with fibrous connective tissues. These soft spots are called

A. Fontanels

B. Chitin

C. Bursae

D. Menisci

41. The segment of a myofibril between two Z-lines is called

A. Sarcomere

B. Sarcoplasm

C. Sarcolemma

D. Sarconema

42. What joint is found between the ribs and sternum?

A. Cartilaginous

B. Hinge

C. Angular

D. Fibrous

43. The joint between the atlas and axis is

A. Ball and socket joint

B. Saddle

C. Pivot

D. Angular

44. The clavicle articulates with ___________ of scapula

A. Acromion process

B. Glenoid cavity

C. Acetabulum

D. Ball and socket joint

45. The contractile protein of skeletal muscle involving ATPase activity is _

A. Actin

B. Myosin

C. Troponin

D. Tropomyosin

46. Muscle fatigue sets in due to non availability of __

A. Calcium


C. Actin binding site

D. Mg factor

47. Upon stimulation of skeletal muscles Calcium is immediately made available for binding to Troponin from __

A. Blood

B. Sarcoplasmic reticulum

C. Lymph

D. Bone

48. The functional unit of contractile system in striated muscle is

A. Myosin

B. Cross bridges

C. Z band

D. Sarcomere

49. What is sarcomere?

A. part between two H-lines

B. part between two A-lines

C. part between two Z-lines

D. part between two I-bands

50. Which muscle is adapted to be highly resistant to fatigue

A. cardiac muscle

B. Striped

C. Unstriped

D. voluntary


Q.No. Ans Q.No. Ans Q.No. Ans Q.No. Ans Q.No. Ans
1 B 11 B 21 D 31 B 41 A
2 D 12 B 22 C 32 B 42 A
3 D 13 D 23 D 33 C 43 C
4 A 14 B 24 A 34 D 44 B
5 C 15 C 25 D 35 A 45 B
6 B 16 A 26 A 36 D 46 A
7 D 17 B 27 C 37 A 47 B
8 A 18 C 28 D 38 B 48 D
9 A 19 A 29 C 39 A 49 C
10 B 20 A 30 A 40 A 50 A

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