Keyboard Shortcut Key

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Key

Ctrl+A = All Select Text
Ctrl+B = Text Bold
Ctrl+C = Select Text, File, Folder, Document Copy
Ctrl+D = Font Dialog Box Open
Ctrl+E = Align Center
Ctrl+F = Text Find
Ctrl+G = Goto Text & Line
Ctrl+H = Replace & Internet History Open
Ctrl+I = Text Italic
Ctrl+J = Text Justify
Ctrl+K = Hyperlink Insert
Ctrl+L = Align Left
Ctrl+M = Increase Indent
Ctrl+N = New File Open
Ctrl+O = Save File Open
Ctrl+P = Print Dialog Box Open
Ctrl+Q = Hanging Indent Left
Ctrl+R = Right Align
Ctrl+S = File Save
Ctrl+T = Left Indent Change & New Tab Open (Internet)
Ctrl+U = Text Underline
Ctrl+V = Cut & Copy Matter Paste
Ctrl+W = Running Window Close (Browser)
Ctrl+X = Select Matter Cut
Ctrl+Y = Repeat
Ctrl+Z = Undo
Note:-Use in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point etc.)& Some Shortcut be use in Internet.

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