AL                Artificial Intelligence

ALU             Arithmetic Logical Unit

ANSI            American National Standard Institute

ASCII           American Standard Code for Interchange

ATM            Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ARPA          Advance Research Pgency Addressing

BCD             Binary Code Decimal

BCR             Bard Code Reader

BIOS            Basic Input Output Control System

BPI               Bytes per Inch

BPS                     Bits per Second

BSNL           Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

CAD            Computer Added Design

CAM            Computer Added Manufacture

CBIS            Computer Based Information System

CD               Compact Disc

CDR             Compact Disc Recordable

CDROM      Compact Disc Read Only Memory

CD RW        Compact Disc Re-Writable

CISC            Complex Instruction Set Computer

CMOS          Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

COBOL       Common Business Oriented Language

CPU             Center Processing Unit


CRT             Cathode Ray Tube                                                                        CIS               Common System Interface

CSS                     Cascading Style Sheets

CU               Control Unit

CUI                     Character User Interface

DASD          Direct Access Storage Device

DBA            Database Administrator

DBMS          Database Management System

DDR            Double Data Rate

DDP             Distributed Data Processing

DES             Digital Electronic System

DEC              Digital Electronic Circuit

DFD             Data Flow Diagram

DFS             Distributed File System

DHTML       Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DDL             Dynamic Link Library

DMA           Direct Memory Access

DML            Data Manipulation Language

DOS             Disk Operating System

DPI              Dots per Inch

DPMI                  Dos Protected Mode Interface

DNS             Domain Name System

DPS             Data Processing System

DQDB         Distrusted Queue Dual Bas

DSL             Digital Subscriber Line

DSP                    Digital Signal Processing

DTP             Desk Top Publishing

DVD            Digital Video Desk

DVDR                DVD Recordable


EBCDIC      Extend BCD Interchange Code

EDI              Electronic Data Interface

EDP             Electronic Data Processing System

EXE             Executable

ENIAC         Electronic Numerical Integrated and Computer

EPROM       Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

FAQ             Frequently Asked Question

FAT             File Allocation Table

FDD             Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI           Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FIFO            First In First Out

FS                File System

FTP              File Transfer Protocol

GB               Giga Byte

GIF              Graphics Interchange format

GIGO           Garbage in garbage out

GUI              Graphical User Interface

HDD           Hard Disk Drive

HLL             High Level Language

HTML                Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP                  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IBM             International Business Machine

IC                 Integrated Circuit

IE                 Internet Explorer

IIS                Internet Information Services

IM                Instant Massaging

IMAP           Internet Massage Access Protocol

I/O               Input /Output

IP                 Internet Protocol

IRC              Internet Relay Chat

IS                 Information System

ISDN           Integrated Service Digital Network

ISO              International Standard Organization

ISP               Internet Service Provider

IT                 Information Technology

JPEG                   Joint Photographic Experts Group

JS                 Java Script

JSP               Java Server Pages

KB               Kilobyte

KBPS                  Kilo Byte per Second

PHz                     Kilohertz

LAN             Local Area Network

LCD             Liquid Crystal Display

LED             Light Emitting Diode

LIFO            Last In Frist out

MAN           Metropolitan Area Network

MB                     Megabyte

MBR                   Master Boot Record

MICR                  Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MODEM      Modulator-Demodulator

MPEG          Motion Pictures (Coding) Experts Group

MS-DOS      Microsoft Disk Operating Language

MTNL          Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

NFS             Network File Server

NIC              Network Interface Card

NIU              Network Interface Unit

NTFS                  New Technology File System

OCR                   Optimal Character Reader

OLE                    Object Linking and Embedding

OMR                   Optical Mark Reader

OOP                    Object Oriented Programming

OS                      Operating System

P2P              Peer to Peer

PC                Personal Computer

PDF             Portable Document Format

POST           Power on Self Test

POP                    Post Office Protocol

PPP              Point to point Protocol

PSTN                  Public Switched Telephone Network

RAM                   Random Access Memory

RAID                  Redundant Array of Independent Disk

RDBMS       Relation Database Management System

ROM            Read Only Memory

SASD           Serial Access Storage Device

SATA          Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SDRAM              Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

SMPS           Switched Mode Power Supply

SMS             Short Message Service

SMTP          Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNMP          Simple Network Management Protocol

SQL             Structured Query Language

SRAM          Static RAM

SSI               Small Scale Integration

SVGA          Supper Video Graphics Adapter

TCP              Transmission Control Protocol

TB                Terabyte

UI                 User Interface

URL             Uniform Resource Locator

USB             Universal Serial Bus

UPS              Uninterruptible Power Supply

UTP             Unshielded Twisted Pair

WAN           Wide Area Network

WWW         Word Wide Web

XML            Extensible Markup Language

Wwan          Wireless Wide Area Network

Wsub           Wireless Universal Serial Bus

Wlan            Wireless Local Area Network

Wi-fi            Wireless Fidelity

Wan             Wide Area Network

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