Letter writing Pattern and tips

Descriptive for SBI and UIIC: Letter writing Pattern and tips

1) Essay ( 20 marks)- On any topic be it economic, social, political, etc

2) Letter ( 10 marks)- Business letter or informal letter

  1. What is the aim of having this section in exams?
    Well the banks want to know how well versed you are with English language and how well can you put across your thoughts on a topic in writing. Well it even tests your typing speed and your comfort level with computers.

  1. How to improve our English?
    Well English is like any other language, the more you expose yourself to it, the better you will get at it. So make sure you read a lot on a daily basis. Along with this just add one more exercise to this, i.e. to copy down one editorial section in a notebook on a daily basis, while copying down give special attention to the language, the way grammar is used, the way words come together to form sentences. This exercise will not only help improve your English but will also improve your writing skills.
  1. How to improve our writing skills and skills to express on a given topic?
    Well for that make a list of topics that you feel that can come in exam, and then on read about them. Once you have an idea about the topic, try writing it down in your own words. Slowly and steadily you will be able to express yourself in any given topic.

    I) We present to you a few writing tips and format of Business Letter Writing

A business letter, as the name suggests, is a letter which has a formal tone and is used for business purposes. Apart from this, business letters are also written for conveying messages to people who we do not know personally. This makes the business letter different from the usual casual or informal letter.

While writing a business letter, a person has to follow certain rules. One of the most important rules is that it should be short and concise. Businessmen do not have the time to read long letters and hence, the letter should not be more than a page i.e., with maximum 2-3 paragraphs. Apart from this, you have to follow a unique format for business letters, which differs to a large extent from informal letters.

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Business Letter Writing Tips:

It will be a good idea to gather some crucial information on the things that you have to keep in mind while writing a business letter. Here, you will find some important tips for the same.

Sender’s address and date:

According to the rules, it is important to begin the letter with the address and other contact details of the sender. Followed by this, one has to mention the date on which the letter is written.

Recipient’s name and address:

After you have written the date, you have to mention the recipient’s name and full address. This should come 4-6 lines after the date