Easy Way to learn English Vocabulary V

Easy Way To Learn English Vocab

1.WORD: CIRCUMSPECT( सावधान , जाग्रत , सतर्क )
Synonyms: Cautions
Meaning: If you are circumspect, you are cautious in what you do and say and do not take risks.
Example: The banks should have been more circumspect in their dealings.

2.WORD: CONTIGUOUS (सटा हुआ )
Synonyms: Adjoining
Meaning: Things that are next to each other or touch each other.
Example: Its vineyards are virtually contiguous with those of Ausone.

3.WORD: PREPOSTEROUS ( निर्तथक , असगत )
Synonyms: Absurd
Meaning: If you describe something as preposterous, you mean that is extremely unreasonable and foolish.
Example: The whole idea was preposterous.

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4.WORD: DELECTATION (मनोरंजन )
Synonyms: Entertainment
Meaning: If you do something for someone’s delectation, you do it to give them enjoyment or pleasure.
Example: She makes scones and cakes for the delectation of visitors.

5.WORD: PROTAGONIST (कथा या नाटक का प्रधान पुस्र्ष)
Meaning: Someone who is a protagonist of an idea or movement is a supporter of it.
Example: The main protagonists of their countries’ integration into the world market.

6.WORD: DISCREET (विचारशील)
Meaning: If you are discreet, you are polite and careful n what you do or say, because you want to avoid embarrassing or offending someone.
Example: They were gossipy and not always discreet.

7. WORD: DILAPIDATED (पुराना, नष्ट)
Synonyms: dilapidated
Meaning:  A building that is dilapidated is old and in a generally bad condition.

8.WORD: INFERNAL (राक्षसी)
Synonyms: Devilish
Meaning: Infernal is used to emphasize that something is very annoying or unpleasant.
Example: The post office is shut, which is an infernal bore.

9.    WORD: REPRISAL (प्रतिशोध)
Synonyms: Retaliation
Meaning: If you do something to a person a reprisal, you hurt or punish them because they have done something violent or unpleasant.
Example:Witnesses are unwilling to testify through fear of reprisals.

10. WORD: WAN ( सुस्त , थका हुआ )
Synonyms: Tired
Meaning: If you describe someone as wan, you mean that they look pale and tired.
Example: He looked wan and tired.

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