Q. What is a Chorus?
A.The term Chorus is taken from Greek drama. In English drama it is applied to a character who speaks the Prologue and Epilogue and also communicates to the audience the exposition,setting and off stage events in the play.

Q.What type of Age was Chaucer’s Age?
A.Chaucer belonged to the 14th century. It was an age of foreign conquests, expansion of trade,chivalry and religious pilgrimages. In the same Age, however, Black Death, famine and plague swept away about one-third of England’s population.

Q. What type of Age was Elizabethan Age?
A.Elizabethan Age is called the Golden Age in the national as well as literary history of England. It was the Age of Renaissance and of unprecedented glory in all fields of national life and literary achievements.

Q. What was Jacobean Age?
A.The reign of James I (in Latin ‘Jacobus’) from 1603 to 1625, which followed the Elizabethan Age, is called Jacobean Age. It was an Age of decline in all fields of national life.

Q. What was Caroline Age?
A.The reign of Charles I (in Latin ‘Carolus’) from1625 to 1649 is called Caroline Age. It was the period of the English Civil War which led to the murder of Charles I and establishment of Commonwealth under Cromwell.

Q.What was Restoration Age?
A.The Restoration implies the restoration of Charles II to the throne in 1660 at the end of the Commonwealth. This Age was characterized by high fashions, artificial manners and low morals which Charles had brought from France.

Q. What was the Neo-Classical or Augustan Age?
A.The eighteenth century in England is called Neo-Classical or Augustan Age because the leading writers of this period followed the literary principles and models of the great Roman and Greek authors of the Age of Emperor Augustus.

Q. What is meant by the Romantic Movement?
A.The Romantic Movement in English Literature came in the nineteenth century. The literature of this period is characterized by love of Nature, love of humanity, full display of the writer’s imaginative and emotional faculty.

Q. How is the Victorian Age characterized in literature?
A.The Victorian Age covers the period from 1837 to1901. Most of the literature of this period deals with the current social, economic, industrial and intellectual problems including the conflict between science and religion.

Q.How is the literature of the Modern Age characterized?
A.The term ‘Modern’ is generally applied to the literature produced since the beginning of the World War I. Since then so many experiments have been made both in the subject matter and literary form in all the Genres of literature.

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