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One Word Substitution For SSC Examination

  1. Audience-:a number of people listening to a lecture
  2. Omnipresent-:one who is present everywhere
  3. Omnipotent-:  one who is all powerful
  4. Onniscient-:one who knows everything
  5. Aanthology-:a collection of poems
  6. Bouquet-:  a collection of flowers

  7. Opaque-:that which cannot be seen through
  8. Philianthropist-:a lover of mankind
  9. Misanthrope-: a hater of mankind
  10. Altruist-:a lover of others
  11. Hanger-:a place for housing aeroplanes
  12. Creche-:a nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work
  13. Dormitory-: the sleeping rooms in a college or public institution
  14. Cosmopolitian-: a person who regards whole world as his country
  15. Optimist-:a person  who looks at the bright side of things
  16. Pessimist-:  a person who looks at the bright side of things
  17. Atheist-: a person who  does not believe in God
  18. Chauffeur-: one whi is employed to drive a motor-car
  19. Sculptor-:one who cuts in stones
  20. Florist-:one who deals in flowers
  21. Flastidious-:one who is very selective in one’s taste
  22. Fanatic or Bigot-:one who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in religious matters
  23. Curator-: a person incharge of a museum
  24. Lexicographer-: one who complies a dictionary
  25. Anthropologist-:one who studies the evolution of mankind
  26. Autocracy-: government by one person
  27. Suicide-:murder of oneself
  28. Homicide-:  murder of brother
  29. Fugitive-:  one who runs away from justice or the law
  30. Martyr-:one who dies for a noble cause
  31. Novice or Tyro-:one new to anything, inexperienced
  32. Autobiography-:the life history of a person written by himself
  33. Maiden speech-:the first speech delivered by a person
  34. Carnivorous-:  one who lives on flesh
  35. Cannibal-:one who feeds on human flesh
  36. Contemporaries-:  persons living at the same time
  37. Insolvent/Bankrupt-:  a person who is unable to pay his debts
  38. Inaudible-:  a sound that cannot be heard

  39. Inaccessible-:  a person  who  cannot be easily approached
  40. Theocracy-:government by religious principles
  41. Sacrilege-:  violating or profaning religious things/places
  42. Incorrigible-:incapable of being repaired
  43. Illegible-: incapable of being read
  44. Horticulture-: the art of cultivating and managing gardens
  45. Numismatics-:the study of coins
  46. Rhetoric-:the art of elegant speech or writing
  47. Infallible-: one who is free from all mistakes and failures

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