Prepositions II

Important Rules of Prepositions

The usage of some preposition with some words is fixed. Some of them are given below.  Have a look. Hope you all like the post.

Accustomed of

  • He was accustomed of working hard in his youth. (used to)


Accused of

  • The man accused of stealing was sent to jail. (blamed of)

Acquainted with

  • Please introduce him to me if you are acquainted with him. (know)


Afraid of

  •  Don’t get afraid of that dog. It won’t bite. (fear from)


Agree to (idea)

  • The president agreed to the resolution and passed it. (accept)


Agree with (person)

  • If you agree with me please support me. (have same opinion)


According to

  • He was acquitted as he was innocent according to the jury. (in the opinion of)


Adapted to

  • Man easily gets adapted to new environments. (change)


Along with

  • The Prime Minister along with his retinue entered the hall. (together with)


Associated with

  • He had long been associated with the organization before he retired. (worked with)


Averse to

  •  Initially people are averse to accepting their weakness, but with the passage of time they start realizing and correcting themselves. (unwilling to)


Believe in (faith)

  • I believe in God. (have faith in)


Belong to

  • As this country belongs to us, we belong to this country. (have a right over)


Clever at

  • She is clever at painting and playing mu sic, but I am at mu sic. (skilled at)

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Congratulate on

  • I congratulated her on her great success. (greeted)


Cure for

  •  As man conquers a disease and find a cure for it, another pops up. (remedy for)


 Depend on

  • High rate of employment depends on growth of economy. (is related with)


Derived from

  • Many English words are derived from Greek and Latin. (came/originate from)


Details of

  • This new book contains de tails of her extensive journey. (description of)


Different from

  • Village life is quite different from city life. (not same)


Divide into

  • The property was divided into two parts and given to the two sons. (break into)


Dream of

  • The henpeck husband could never dream of op pos ing his wife. (think of) Frightened of Those frightened of obstacles never proceed ahead for success. (having fear of)


Famous for

  •  The city of Benaras is famous for its teeming ghats. (known for)


Good at

  • He is quite good at convincing people in his favour. (skilled at)


Ignorant of

  • Being ignorant of the consequences, thenaives easily fall into bad habits. (not knowing)


Increase in

  • There has been a tremendous increase in the multi-nationals in our country. (rise in)


Insist on

  • The shopkeeper could not deny when she insisted on paying later. (said forcefully)


Interested in

  • Work hard if you are interested in your progress. (want to)


Lack of

  • Lack of money brings poverty and lack of knowledge ignorance. (devoid of, not having)


Fond of

  •  The mother was very fond of her youngest child. (loved/liked very much)


Aim at

  • The shooter aimed at the tar get and shot accurately. (fix at the tar get)


Laugh at

  •  Don’t laugh at those who are deprived of God’s blessings. (ridicule, make fun of)


Listen to

  • Hello! Please listen to me. (lend your ear, heed, pay attention to)


Look at

  •  What are you looking at? (see)


Look after

  • The nurse looked after the child better than the mother. (to take care of, to rear)


Look for

  • Have you lost anything? What are you looking for under the table. (to search for)


Look into

  • I have requested the police commissioner to look into the matter of increasing crime in our locality. (investigate, to probe, examine)

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