गैसों का द्रवण Liquefaction of gases | States of matter

States of matter

गैसों का द्रवण ( Liquefaction of gases)

states of matter by rahul khandelwal

HP = high pressore

LT = Low Temp.

Means A gas can be liqufied both by increasing  pressure & decreasing Temp. (अर्थात एक गैस को उच्च दाब एवं निम्न ताप पर द्रवित किया जा सकता है )

Co2 gas can not liqufied at 35°C How

Co2 (35°C)                             so much pressure we apply.

79.3 bar
Co2 (31.1°C)                                          Co2 (Liquid)

Means Co2 can be liquied at 31.1°C

Means In liquefaction of gases is more than significant

यहाँ से 3 parameters हमें पढ़ने है |

Critical Temp. Critical pressure Critical volume
Tc Pc Vc
The Temp. above which a gas cannot be liquefy how so much pressure we apply 




The pressure of gas at TC is known as Pc 





Pc= a/27b2


The volumes of 1 molar gas at Tc & Vc known as Vc 

Vc =3b

Trick- c comes at 3 position alphabetically and


NOTE= a & b are wonder as cons


NOTE:- Tc, Pc & Vc are different for different gases for Ex.

Co–   Tc         Pc           Vc

31.1°C    79.3 bar      ……….

Critical Temp. Boyle’s Temp Inversion Temp
Tc Tc Ti






The Temp. at which a real gas behaves as an ideal gas is k/n as Boyle’s Temp. 


It is the double of Boyle’s Temp. 







= 2 


I can say



  1. – A gas can be liquefy ?

(a) Above TC Above PC

(b) Above TC Below PC

(c) Above TC Below PC

(d) Below TC Above PC

Trick – G l ACP को याद रखिये |


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