Easy Way to learn English Vocabulary VI

Easy Way To Learn English Vocab

1) Avert : to turn away or aside
Key : a hurt
Example : a hurt candidate always try to keep him aside from others after failing in competitive exams.

2) Alienation : withdrawn in affection
Key : alien nation
Example : an alien from other nation withdrew his name in affection of general candidates not getting chance in bank exams 😀

3) Cynicism : a distrustful attitude
Key : sign
Example : the broker seemed to be distrustful that’s why I asked him to sign the agreement first.

4) Draconian : very severe, cruel, harsh
Key : dracula
Example : bas naam (key) hi kafi hai…hai na dosto 😀

5) Frayed : To unravel, छुड़ाना, combat
Key : pray
Example : pray to god to combat your fear of failure.

6) Malpractice : improper or ethical conduct by a official person
Key : mal(गंदा) practice
Example : key दे दिया unlock by urself :p… sab kaam mai hi karu.

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7) Recompense : Compensate for something bad
Key : कम पैसे ( little money)
Example : मैने कम पैसे देकर ही सही पर उस गरीब आदमी का इलाज करवाया

8) Resurrection : the act of arising from the dead and becoming alive again
Key : sur-reaction (गाने वाला सुर) समझे
Example : with melodious notes one can even turn the dead into alive

9) Riddle : Problem of an intellectual nature
Key : idli… haan haan idli…dosa wala idli…bilkul thik samjhe tum log..
Example : i was very puzzeled at first how to make an awesome idli.

10) Palpable : noticeable, obvious
Key : payable
Example : u notice (buy) only those things that are under payable limit.

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